How do you feel right now? How did you sleep last night? Did you wake up full of energy and enthusiasm for the day to come? Are you performing at work? Do you feel the 4 pm slump? If you feel that your vitality is not as the level you expect, although you have a balanced died and workout routine, you are not alone.

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Our Products

Medkore + Elysium Basic Cocktail

Enhances energy – Improves brain clarity – Alleviates hangovers – Enhances athletic performance – Boosts immunity

Stress Reliever

Restores balance – Brings mental clarity – Relieves burnout & chronic stress – Fights anxiety

Glutathione Intravenous Push

Supports detoxification – Improves immune response – Helps disease recovery – Prevents skin-aging – Brings mental clarity

Beauty Enhancer

Heals skin & soft tissues – Fights premature aging – Improves hair, skin and nails aspect

Immunity Booster (Anti-flu I.V.)

Enhances health – Helps your immune system – Speeds recovery

Hangover and recovery I.V.

Supports liver, brain and lungs metabolism – Alleviates hangover symptoms – Helps the body’s detoxification process

Preparation & Recovery for surgery

Boosts the immune system – Speeds recovery – Supports wound healing

About the products:

In an ideal world, our diets would provide us with the optimal amount of essential micronutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. However, in today’s world, the food we buy in supermarkets and even in organic and health stores is, most often, nutrient depleted on the count of the industrialized agriculture and the food processing.

In the same time, the demands of modern living and working, especially in urban areas, increase our need for micronutrients. We need a nutrient-dense diet in the daily struggle to engage in physical activity, perform at work, get fresh air and natural light, engage in all the family and social activities and fall into restorative sleep. It is no wonder that insomnia, stress and stress related health conditions are common even in younger individuals.

Our IV drips are scientifically formulated intravenous solutions that are 100% bioavailable, offer instant rehydration and deliver the optimal mix of essential nutrients and vitamins directly to your blood stream, for quick and effective results.

”Micronutrients and antioxidants are essential to prevent stress and many of the chronic health conditions we are facing now and to optimize our immune system”.


100% bioavailability

Instant effects

Optimal mix of essential micronutrients and vitamins

Customized for your specific needs

All infusions take up only 30-45 minutes, while you get to relax in a comfortable recliner chair. All our IV therapies are customized to your specific needs by an experienced team and are proven, effective solution when you want to boost your immune system, recover from a hangover, relieve stress, improve mental and physical capacity, fight premature aging or revitalize physical health.