The Genetic Test which helps you to stay healthy, slim and calm. From now on you can stop the guess work on what’s good or bad for you and take action based on your genetic predisposition!

In the DNA Nutrigenetic-Weight Panel, we analyse gene variations that indicate how you metabolise specific macro and micronutrients from your diet. We provide you with a personalised nutritional plan based on our evaluation of more than 900 food types, 45 food ingredients and more than 18 essential Vitamins and Minerals.

This highly individualised diet plan neutralises your genetic weaknesses as much as possible. The nutrition and micronutrient plan included in the program serves as a general guideline to stay metabolically healthy, maintain body composition and prevent chronic disease.

The adjustments proposed in our diet plan exclude all dietary ingredients that could potentially harm you, while increasing the ones which are beneficial to your health.

In this particular genetic test we take into consideration relevant genes, which have an influence on your body composition: the Weight Genes. This way we analyse your genetic risk to overweight and how specific diets and macronutrients influence your weight gain, weight maintenance or weight loss.

The comprehensive diet plan we create for you takes into account your genetic predisposition to overweight and includes precise measures on how to maintain or improve your body composition. You will get awareness about your specific diet type, including a long list of foods that are compatible to your genetic blueprint so you can maintain or lose weight.

This genetic panel analyses more than 50 genetic variations which could impact more than 20 metabolic problems. We will provide you a comprehensive diet plan, with your individual vitamin and mineral requirements to stay healthy and functional for a lifetime.


  • Prevent more than 20 metabolic health problems including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease and many more.
  • Maintain homocysteine, triglycerides and cholesterol within the normal range by adjusting your diet, which prevents many chronic health conditions including cardiovascular disease.
  • Understand how to mitigate the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress on your body, promote healthy aging and increase healthy lifespan.
  • Appreciate how quickly you metabolise substances like caffeine and alcohol and your detoxication ability, which is important to maintain resilience in modern working environments, reduce stress and anxiety and promote healthy sleep.
  • Get a personalised micronutrient plan for all analysed vitamins and minerals.
  • Identify your individual necessity for 18 essential vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, B vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, which are all critical for enzyme activity, DNA stability, energy metabolism and overall health.
  • Get crucial information on how to improve your bone, joint and eye health.
  • Find answers on what’s healthy or not for you and understand your individual needs for certain food ingredients and what foods to avoid because of possible poor compatibility.
  • Understand your tendency to overweight and how to maintain a healthy body composition for a lifetime.
  • Find out which kind of diet type is perfect for you to maintain or lose weight.
  • Learn which type of sport fits your genetic blueprint best to lose weight and maintain muscle mass.
  • Learn how to increase your healthy lifespan.